Working at the studio 

My Story...

Growing up beside an allotment & overlooked by woodland Sarah has always been surrounded by wildlife. Strong memories of building grass hides, hand rearing hedgehogs & watching fox clubs play together in the snow are just some of the happy memories that form the basis to her growing collection of designs.

In a sometimes chaotic world Sarah's aim is to create a moment of calm. Using subtle tones and delicate line drawings her designs bring joy & simplicity to modern day life. Each image is created from her home studio in rural Leicestershire, beginning life as a hand drawn idea in a sketchbook and coloured digitally Sarah's style combines traditional & contemporary methods.

Sarah now runs The Paper Creative alongside her part time job in a Rural Gallery. she is lucky to still be surrounded with wildlife and on any days off can be spotted in the countryside, hunting for nature (and inspiration) in its natural habitat.